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All the peoples of the Earth had one language and one speech.

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It feels like a renaissance faire, a Shakespearean music concert, a little bit of the Godfather, a little "O Brother, Where art Thou? It is designed by John Fisher. The French army and navy tried out the language as a way to transmit messages at a distance via bugle.

A natural biological process beginning soon after birth, and ending with death.

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The astronomical observations made after the invention of the telescope were difficult, if not impossible, to reconcile with Ptolemaic astronomy. In order for Pig Latin to work, you have to start with English as its base. Fadorela Surround, gird, area, vicinity, surrounded, around, girded Fadoresi Farm, farmer Fadomido Mountain, mount, hill, mountainous, hilly Fadomire Volcano, volcanic Fadomifa To be engulfed, pit, chasm, abyss, precipice Fadomisol Rock, rocky Fadomila Dry, arid, drought, sterile, infertile, unsuccessful Fadomisi Desert, deserted, uninhabited Fadofado Isolate, put away, seclude, isolation, loneliness, isolated, lonely, solitary, alone Fadofare Take refuge, withdraw, retire, refuge, asylum, reclusion, recluse Fadofami Park, grove, the woods, forest, forestry Fadofasol Tree, shrub, bush too many meanings Fadofala Foliage, leaves Fadofasi Shade, shadowing, shadowy, shady Fadosoldo Solresol writing a cover v.

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In Colombia, some of these groups have even maintained a Bantu related language, a pidgin language called "palenquero".

For example, the inside of a microphone cover, as opposed to the outside. This distinction is purely practical. Midosisol Try, endeavor, strive Midosila Get, obtain Miredore Particularize, specialize, particularity, speciality, particular, special, especially, particularly Miredomi Rarity, rare, rarely, almost never Miredofa Take the initiative, initiative Miredosol Attempt, try, test Miredola Undertake, undertaking, enterprise, entrepreneur Miredosi Venture, hazard v.

Lutetia Open is based on the pt Lutetia capitals engraved by P. D'ni pronounced "dunny" is the language of people in the Myst and Riven game worlds. This man, and this offering of songs, sing both to the pit in your stomach as well as the end of the hairs that stand on end.

It is designed by Aaron Chapman.All of it stems from the gut reaction many have when hearing about language creation for the first time—namely, that it is, of course, impossible to create a language, so it’s up to them to figure out what the trick is.

The assumption is so strongly held it’s hard to root out. Sidosi. Welcome to Sidosi, the de facto modern home of Solresol, the universal musical language! The goal of Sidosi is to be a comprehensive, up-to-date, and most importantly permanent resource for learning Solresol.

— eep opp ork ah‐ah — FANTASY EXOTIC TONGUES – An Introduction If you're here chasing the search‐string “+fantasy +exotic +tongues”, then I'm afraid you've probably come to the wrong article is a companion to my guides to SF Chronophysics and Exobiology, dealing with another random feature of fictional world design.

Solresol is a constructed language devised by François Sudre, beginning in His major book on it, Langue musicale universelle, was published after his death in[1] though he had already been publicizing it for some years. Solresol enjoyed a brief spell of popularity, reaching its pinnacle with Boleslas Gajewski's posthumous publication of Grammaire du Solresol.

[ ] In Decemberthe Japanese found that attacking a unit under the cover of night is only a good idea when the enemy doesn't happen to have a giant black hellhound guarding their camp.


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Solresol writing a cover
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