Han china classical athens dbq essay

One of Kao-tsu's sons, General Li Shih-min, succeeded in eliminating all political rivals of the Tang and established firm control of the Tang dynasty over the newly reunified China.

He believes the Athenians governed themselves. The first emperor of the Tang dynasty, Kao-tsu C. The Tang Dynasty invented a lot of life enhancing inventions. The bureaucrats would have to go through an early form of a civil service exam in order to earn a lawmaking position at stages of government, such as local, regional, andfederal.

This document is directly from two men who are governed under this system, so they accept it and believe in it. The location of their states began on the periphery of more civilized and developed states, but they went on to conquer older civilizations. The demographics also show distinct differences between the two empires.

Its National Academy brought students from throughout Asia to learn religion, art and architecture. How did geography affect the development of classical civilizations in India? Commerce flourished but Han china classical athens dbq essay generally limited to two types of commodities — foodstuffs and luxuries.

Printing press using moveable print Porcelain used for dishes and decoratives Gunpowder originally for fireworks but eventually for weapons Mechanical clocks Liberal attitude towards all religions at first.

However, the Sui taxed peasants heavily, and forced them into hard labor. Amazingly, poetry flourished during the decline, but the Lu-shan Rebellion destroyed two-thirds of the population and sealed the fate of the dynasty.

It is absolutely fine to say that the two had completely different views on how to rule; the Han with a monarchy and Athens with their early form of a democracy.

They worked alot indoors and outdoors. Founding and Spread of Christianity SQ This proves how great the different the two societies were, in terms of population and the amount of land each empire controlled.

Culturally, especially artistically, the two were also extremely different. In both empire infanticide was not seen bizarre in their societies. The engineering department at the University of Houston tells the details of the story here. He speaks very highly of the democracy in Athens to show Athens is superior to other states.

Kao-tsu also created a monetary system of copper coins and silk ribbons. Han China and Classical Athens difference was very great not just because of their locations but also at politics, culture and society.

Comparing Classical Athens and Han China

Tang Dynasty C. It fell apart when the general population lost faith in the government and revolted. Trade flourished, and cultural exchange brought new ways of thinking to an ancient land.

9d. Tang Dynasty — The Golden Age

Just their differences in size show how the Empires would have developed differently Since Athens is smaller the people are closer together so therefore it would have been easier to develop democracy there while everyone in Han China is more spread out.

The Golden Age of China had begun. What are the major beliefs and practices of Buddhism? It also shows two, very minute, men on the bottom of the painting. Due to their different geographical locations and population sizes the two empires formed very different government systems.

Usually one man made most of the decisions. Consequently, men who had a short time before refused to learn Latin were now keen to speak it fluently. Their religion, Confucianism, led their decisions in the government. They have only military duties.DBQ Essay Rubric.

Acceptable thesis (1) What was one difference between classical China and contemporary Western civilization? One major difference between the fall of Han China and that of the Roman Empire was dynastic China would return to equal and even greater prominence.

China’s central, southern, and northern provinces, several hundred million peasants will rise like a mighty storm, like a hurricane, a force so swift and violent that no. Peter C. DBQ Essay 09/12/12 3rd block For many reasons, Han Empire and Classical Athens have many differences.

As Rudyard Kipling once wrote, Oh, East is east. Using Features of DBQ Online to Analyze Documents. Here at The DBQ Project, we love that DBQ Online has taken off in many districts.

Many teachers have shared their strategies on using the platform, and their main message to us, and one we totally agree with, is: keep it simple and true to the DBQ. Han China and Classical Athens Dbq Essay Peter C. DBQ Essay 09/12/12 3rd block For many reasons, Han Empire and Classical Athens have many differences.

As Rudyard Kipling once wrote, Oh, East is east, West is west, And never the twain shall meet Kipling stated the obvious, the Han Empire and Classical Athens are completely different (Introduction). Secrets of China's First Emperor video guide (9/28) [video in class only] Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon character list (10/2) [video in class only] CTHD PPT and Essay project (10/8) due 10/12 to IN FOLDER .

Han china classical athens dbq essay
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