Domestic violence and public policy essay

It is a problem without frontiers. Using the Systems Theory as a theoretical framework helps show the resonating effect of such violence. It is a vicious cycle of abuse, where the wife is almost literally chained to the husband.

This should not mean, however, that domestic violence is limited to women; even men could be victims of domestic violence.

These are deaths caused by a preventable social problem. The fact that it has been existing for hundreds of years, even more, is a serious matter: Domestic violence is found in all types of intimate relationships whether the individuals are of the same or opposite sex, are married or dating, or are in a current or past intimate relationship.

Law gives an effective shelter and deals strictly with the culprits. But the number of cases that are reported every year raise a high alarm. It is the high time to raise voice against the injustice happening to self and others. A Global Perspective, One in four women becomes a victim of domestic violence.

In addition to these immediate effects, there is growing evidence that violence within the "family becomes the breeding ground for other social problems such as substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, and violent crimes of all types" MTCAWA e-mail interview.

And, indeed, abusers are mentally ill, though the illness tends to be more subtle than others: The real issue at hand is the neurosis within the male psyche.

Even girlfriends and boyfriends could get abused. All tactics have profound effects on the victim. No one has been making steps to eradicate it from the system.

Domestic Violence: Public Policy or Panacea - Essay Example

They must rise against violence by making the right decisions and being firm with them. The causes of domestic violence against women are numerous. It is the mentality of the society that covets an overhauling. These assaults are often in the form of physical injury, but may also be in the form of sexual assault.

They need to arm themselves not with weapons, but with the knowledge that would make them stronger and wiser. Many times, the abuser is either psychotic in behaviour or requires psychological counselling for this errant behaviour.

Television shows and documentaries on abuse could be filmed. Something as preventable as domestic violence against women is diverting funds from an already under-funded health care system. In most cases the cycle of violence starts slowly; it usually consists of a slap in the face or a hard shove.

Medical costs for the treatment of abused women total at least 3 to 5 billion dollars annually in the United States. Some of the indications that you are abused are the following: And this is not the complete picture, as; most of the cases go unregistered or unnoticed in everyday life.

Sometimes we do not have to wait for the President or the Chief Executive to make a move, or to pass a law.Domestic Violence Research Paper.

This is important because an accurate awareness of the issue cannot occur within society if the general public believes that domestic violence is a problem that only affects certain groups of people and is therefore not in need of attention since it is not that common.

Domestic Violence Essay

Criminology and Public Policy. Domestic violence against women is defined by the United Nations’ Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women as “physical, social, and/or psychological violence within the family, the community, and/or any violence that is condoned by the state” (Morgaine ).

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Oct 12,  · Domestic Violence Essay; Domestic Violence Essay. Domestic Violence.

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The public awareness and understanding of domestic violence has greatly increased over the last few decades. This knowledge has illuminated the prevalence of families suffering in violent environments. The Success of Hitler's Domestic Policy;.

Published: Wed, 15 Aug Domestic Violence The most serious threat to personal safety occur not on the city street but in the home.


Domestic Violence Essay

The explorative of the discussion within this essay will to be examine what constitutes the term ‘domestic violence’, and what implementations as a result of government policies have been.

Oct 12,  · Domestic Violence and Intersectionality Domestic violence, as defined by The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is, “The willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another.

Unmistakably, domestic violence is a major issue in modern society, not only to the affected persons, but also to the entire community.

Failure by the government to adequately address this aspect is most likely to expose more citizens to greater danger, which could include death.

In view of this.

Domestic violence and public policy essay
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