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Lothal, the most important city About india the Indus Valley Civilization, is well known for having its earliest docks. Elected legislature, executive, independent Judiciary and free media are four pillars of our democracy.

The male child years has increased between andwhile the female child in the same age group has decreased marginally. These prehistoric human activities had been in continuation since the Indus Valley Civilization.

Indian Railways is the world's eighth largest employer, employing over 1. It is made up of an ArmyNavy and Air Force. The mountains are composed of both ancient crystalline and geologically young rocks, sometimes in a reversed stratigraphic sequence because of thrust faulting. The country aims to become a higher middle-income country by and that calls for even faster growth in the years to come.

Interspersed in the Siwaliks are heavily cultivated flat valleys duns with a high population density. The highest growth rate of Crests in the Siwaliks, averaging from 3, to 5, feet to 1, metres in elevation, seldom exceed 6, feet 2, metres. The same is expected to be resolved by In the sixth century, Budhayana, another Indian Mathematician, was the first person to calculate the value of "pi".

By any standard, this is indeed a smart recovery. Supreme Court members have the power to stop a law being passed by Parliament if they think that the law is illegal and contradicts opposes the Constitution of India.

Wind energy, a part of the clean energy plan of the government, has received a boost with the government planning to invite bids worth Rs 20, crore in the coming fiscal that will see private players add another 3, mw of clean energy generated from wind.

The UPA II faltered after initiating a massive expansion of the highways and the last few years saw various projects being stalled on account of land acquisition issues and funding.

Agriculture and allied sectors have seen increasing interest from corporates who now see a growth opportunity in the sector, with the government adopting a more open policy to private sector investment in modernizing the sector. Interestingly, India was one of the richest countries on earth before the British invaded it in the early 17th century, and was also one of the first countries in the world where diamonds were found.

The plain stretches from the Pakistani provinces of Sindh and Punjab in the west, where it is watered by the Indus River and its tributaries, eastward to the Brahmaputra River valley in Assam state.

If governance is policy driven, those who have to execute those policies will be clear in their mind as to their functions, and responsibility and accountability will follow. But Lok Sabha elections was different from the previous ones in more that one ways.

While moving closure to the US, India never undermined its old and trusted friend Russia and recently it warmly welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The appurtenances of democracy - adult suffrage, a free media, an independent judiciary, the rule of law, the sanctity of property rights - are essential for inclusive growth which in turn strengthens democratic institutions. Other high mountains in India include Nanda Devi 25, feet [7, metres]Kamet 25, feet [7, metres]and Trisul 23, feet [7,] in Uttarakhand.

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Six airports have been identified for modernization, of which Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow and Guwahati will be developed under PPP mode and Kolkata and Chennai will be under fee-based management contracts from private operators. Still others—notably the quake in Pakistani-administered Kashmir and the temblor in Nepal —principally affected those regions but also caused widespread damage and hundreds of deaths in adjacent parts of India.

States and union territories are different in the way they are represented. Not only this, the said civilization was so About india that advanced and modern canal irrigation and water storage systems which included artificial reservoirs could also be found there.

In absolute terms, the population has risen by India witnesses tropical monsoon type climatic conditions. The CPI average touched it's highest at India is the largest democracy in the world. The keen observations of today's oceanographers have proved that the Harappans were extremely knowledgeable about tides and also possessed excellent and extraordinary knowledge on hydrograph and maritime engineering.

The inflation WPI average touched its highest point in at 9. It started in a place called Mehrgarh, which is presently in Pakistan.

The government must be policy-driven. Interestingly, the female population has registered a higher growth rate at So, whether you're looking to top up on your culture and history or are planning to book a full blown holiday, you are sure to find what you need on this website all about India!Before you fly.

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Indian guide on culture, facts, lifestyle, cars, bikes, art & entertainment. 6. Last few copies of Legendary Trainer Mr R.R. Byramji’s biography is available @ Rs /- + shipping [Southern India Rs and rest of India Rs ]. Facts about India India, since time immemorial, has been a subject of inquisitiveness for millions across the globe.

It is a South Asian country, bordered by the Bay of Bengal on its southeast and. Tenneco is a leading supplier of replacement parts through its established and widely recognized aftermarket brands, such as Monroe ride.

India is a country located in South Asia that is known as the seventh largest country in the world. It is also the second most populated country in the world, and is home to over billion people.

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