A defense of abortion essay

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Criticism[ edit ] Critics of Thomson's argument generally grant the permissibility of unplugging the violinist, but seek to block the inference that abortion is permissible by arguing that there are morally relevant differences between the violinist scenario and typical cases of abortion.

She gives as an example a hypothetical woman who seeks a late-term abortion "just to avoid the nuisance of postponing a trip abroad" and declares this to be "positively indecent".

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But can we be certain that we can calculate this happiness or lack of it in the future? There would be no second-class citizens in this kingdom: If, for example, a late-term abortion accidentally results in the birth of a living baby, then Thomson would conclude that the mother has no right to kill the baby.

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"A Defense of Abortion" is a moral philosophy paper by Judith Jarvis Thomson first published in Granting for the sake of argument that the fetus has a right to life, Thomson uses thought experiments to argue that the fetus's right to life does not trump the pregnant woman's right to control her own body and its life-support functions, and that induced abortion is therefore not morally.

A defense of abortion essay
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